It’s very possible that the Chicago CUBS will win the 2016 World Series.  So much so, that Fox Sports is listing them as a 6 to 1 odds favorite.  Could “wait till next year” actually be THIS YEAR?  A pivotal moment in Chicago’s sports  history could be upon us.  Which got me thinking.  Is the City of Chicago ready?  Are the citizens of the tri-state area ready?  Are WE (former Chicagoans) ready? How will we act/react to this emotional year of baseball?  Growing up Chicagoan, we were all given the same a road map. From the time we were kids, our parents taught us: you’re a North Sider, a South Sider or Suburbanite. Then comes you’re a CUBS fan or WHITE SOX fan…and never shall the two come together or agree on anything!  We did the same thing when our kids and grand kids were born. Yes, we are a proud people  passing along our favorite sports teams.  But  along with our Chicago passions for baseball, football, hockey, basketball etc. we also passed along the rivalry and division.  Even as adults,  I  witness this everyday on our FaceBook  page.  There is ALWAYS a Cub fan who just has to make a snide comment on a White Sox post…and vise vera!  Look, now that we are former Chicagoans living in the warm  and sunny desert, let’s begin to change the roads on the map when it comes to baseball?
First we’ll start with the desire to meet other people from home.  Sometimes, we miss home so much  that it really doesn’t matter if that person in the grocery store wearing a Sox or Cubs jersey is from Palos Hills, Morgan Park, Rogers Park  or Glenview.  We want to talk to someone from “home”!  And that my friends, is how we, at Chicagoans In The Desert run our community.  CITD works diligently bringing our community together with our events.  There should be NOTHING that divides us…in the desert. This is a WIN for our home city!  This is an opportunity to be teaching our kids to drop the hate and honor the athletic ability of the players on the team.  For the love of God…we have Kris Bryant…a native Las Vegan!  Secondly, former Chicagoan Cub AND White Sox fans love the same things!  Deep dish pizza, beefs and hot dogs.  So when you walk into Amore! Taste of  Chicago, Windy City Beefs N Dogs, Brando’s Sports Bar, Capo’s Restaurant & Speakeasy,  Omelet House Summerlin, Papa Pinny’s Pizzeria, Sonio’s Cafe or Windy City Beefs N Pizza and you see a fan, say hello. Mention our community. Make a new friend. That’s the beauty of it!  The link to attend the April 1st, 2016  CUBS vs METS game at Cashman Field is sent to Official Social Members…JOIN  CITD TODAY!!