is an “online urban guide” and business review site to find and support great
local businesses. It is currently one of the best sources for online reviews written by
consumers on just about any business, such as restaurants, pet care, auto services and
more. In addition, you can use Yelp to find events, lists and have online discussions with
other Yelpers.
Yelp is available via desktop at and also as a mobile phone app. It’s free to
create an account and write reviews. Yelp contains a search tool that can assist a
consumer to find specific products and services in their area.
Businesses can pay to advertise on Yelp and offer special perks for checking into their
business on Yelp. However, there is no favoritism for paying advertisers – they are not
able to change or reorder their reviews. Every business owner can claim their business
and set up a business owner’s account on Yelp. The free tools provided allow a business
owner to respond to reviews (both privately and publicly), post descriptive information
about their business, add photos, and track activity and customer leads from their Yelp
page. This is all available at
Yelp rewards its top user reviewers through its Yelp Elite Squad. Yelp recognizes and
rewards active Yelpers based on well-written reviews, great tips on mobile, a fleshed-out
personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record. Yelpers obtain an Elite
status through being nominated online by a council in San Francisco. Elite members post
hundreds of quality reviews and receive exclusive invitations to special restaurant and
social events. There are 60 Yelp Elite Squads in North America and Europe, with Las
Vegas being one of them.
Have a stellar experience at a Chicagoan-owned establishment in Vegas? Want to spread
the word? You can help support our Chicagoans in the Desert businesses in Las Vegas by
patronizing their establishments and writing a review based on your experience. For
example, if you had a great dining experience at a restaurant you can use the Yelp app to
“check in” to the business, write a review and rate the business between 1-5 stars (5 being
the best) based on your dining experience. Additionally, you can also upload photos of
the food with descriptions, which consumers may find helpful when they are choosing to
go to the restaurant. Remember to Shop Chicagoan and help out a business owner by
writing a quality review on