On Wednesday June 21st during the NHL Awards Ceremony being held in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegans will learn who the 33 players will be to represent our new VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS hockey team. The struggle will be real for our former Chicagoans In The Desert community.

We were raised with hockey. It was our outdoor winter sport as kids. Didn’t even matter how cold it was. There was always one house in the neighborhood who would flood their back yard and make an ice rink for us kids to play. Or the local school yard would prepare a makeshift rink. All the kids had skates. When they got to small for one, they got passed down to the next neighborhood kid who needed them. When summer came – it was still hockey…only played in the street.

So when it comes to professional hockey we are serious! We’re from a city that offers professional teams in all sports, including 16″ softball. Moving to the desert, to a city that had NO professional sports team was traumatic for some. Our loyalties to our hometown teams became stronger as we missed home more and more.
Our Business Member Brando’s Sports Bar was where Vegas Wants Hockey launched its campaign almost two years ago. Why? Brando’s was where die hard Chicago Blackhawk fans were. Many of the #former #chicagoans in attendance that night purchased season seats.
The reality is upon us now and loyalties will be in question.
As a business, Chicagoans In The Desert could not be more excited as we want to welcome any and all NEW Vegas Golden Knights fans to join us at Brando’s Sports Bar on Friday June 23rd from 5pm – 8pm as we celebrate our new team. Brando’s will not only be OUR home for Chicago Blackhawk fans, but will become YOUR home for Vegas Golden Knight fans.