MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: I am starting a movement to change the behavior of running to social media to complain or share negative information when it happens. ‘Misery loves company right?’ Instead of posting negative words, think for a moment about your intention. Is it to solve a problem or get help OR just to hurt and complain? I challenge you to STOP, and find a constructive and intelligent way to present your thoughts that will evoke action and support that can improve your situation. When you do, hashtag your post with #BETTERWORLD and let’s start banning together to fix the problems that are damaging our society and our children’s future. A simple act such as re-thinking how you communicate what you feel can CHANGE THE WORLD. Look at the big picture and ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in.

Challenge brought to you by former Chicagoan Brett Baughman of Master the Masses